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Professional Music Recording Services
Terlingua and the Big Bend of Texas
Since 1990

Tracking, Mixing of Great Texas Music in Quiet Desert Splendor
Producing/Engineering Services Available

A personal touch

Capturing a Client's Live Sound

Most important is the artists’s comfort in the recording process

Studio Butte Recording

You’ll find the poetry and power of your songs take on a new energy during production work. You begin to hear them as if played on the airwaves (choose your favorite radio station). From full album productions and demos to voice-overs, no project is too large or too small.

<=== Isolation room

Recording Music in the vast and wild terrain of outback Texas!

...adding tracks, talented Terlingua musicians Laird Considine and Al Berry

Recording Gear


AEA: R84 ribbon
Cascade: FatHead II ribbon
Neumann/InnerTube Audio: U87ai
Neumann:  TLM103
Oktava: 2500 tube (M.Joly mod) &  MC-01 (2)
Shure:  SM7, beta58(2), SM57(5), beta52A,
Electrovoice: PL20
BeyerDynamic:  M-201,  M260N,  M160(2)
AudioTechnica: AT4033, AT11
Apex: 460 tube
CAD: M9 tube
MXL: 990 matching set
Rode:  NT1(2), NT4 Stereo, NTK tube


Aurora GTQ II
API 312(4)
API 512b(4)
Chandler TG2
Summit 2BA-221
Joe Meek Studio Channel(2)
Drawmer 1960(2)
Demeter HM1 tube(2)
Presonus BlueTube


API 560 Graphic (2)
Aurora GTQ II
Manley Massive Passive
Speck Audio ASC-1
Joe Meek VC-1 (2)
LT Sound Parametric
Abbey Road, UK Brilliance Pack
Kush Electronics Clariphonic

AD/DA (24bits/44kHz or 48kHz)

Apogee Rosetta 800
Motu 2408 MkII


API 525
Empirical Labs Distressor
Drawmer 1968 tube (2)
UREI 1176 rev G
Abbey Road, UK TG 12413 Limiter
Drawmer 1960 tube (2)
Waves L1 Maximizer,  C1+,  C4
Transient Designer TD4
Valley Gatex
Joe Meek VC-1



TASCAM MS-16 1″ 16-track reel-2-reel
REAPER MultiTracking Software (don’t fear the reaper…)

Mixing Board

TASCAM TM-D8000,  digital board w/Mac automation, 52 input channels, full Mix recall the control room at Studio Butte. The board is fully automated, controlled by Macintosh. DynAudio monitors reproduce the recorded music with great accuracy to support tracking and mixing. Studio Butte was established in 1990 and has helped realize over 80 music albums. We have accommodated Country bands, ear splitting Metal groups, Americana Folk artists, Mexican Norteno bands, spoken Poetry projects, experimental music, Terlingua song writers, Jazz groups and various Pinche Gringos!

Ted Arbogast, born and raised in Tucson, has enjoyed decades as principle arranger, guitarist for many styles of musical groups, moving into my passion for producing and tracking original music in 1984. The continuing mission lives in the excitement of the creative process, the producing of new and compelling music that never existed before its release. Every song that comes through the door has seeds of greatness, depth, pathos.

The work is to let the gold in each song shine. Producing takes the song’s idea further in it’s own direction. Some clients prefer to accomplish this by adding supporting voices, instruments, and effects. Sometimes, the artist’s expression is complete and beautiful with just their voice and instrument recorded precisely.

Analog/Digital recording media are both available
Mic placement and setup for voice-over
Secondary Isolation room, piano, blue string Ojinaga bass!

Artists and Recordings

Terlingua Musicians and Artists
Terlingua Islands: Native Music of Terlingua, TX 1990

Barbara and Abraham Princess and the Cowboy 1989 (Ted Arbogast: Producer, recorded at Parrot Tracks, Austin)

Jim Stricklan Elysian Fields 1991 (Ted Arbogast: Producer, recorded in Austin)

Barbara and Abraham Gentle Winds and Distant Thunder 1991 (recorded in Austin)

Carlos Maxwell and Chihuahua  Chihuahua 1992 (Ted Arbogast, Producer, recorded at Pedernales Studio)

Just Us Girls  JUGS at the Starlight 1993 (location recording)

Laird Considine Ghost Tones 1996

Collie Ryan Letters From Home 1997

Los Suspiros (de Ojinaga,Mex) Los Suspiros (later became Los Bravos d.N.) Los Suspiros 1998

Minstrel Bill Burt Whispering Hope (Gospel Hymns) 1998

People Of Radical Nature PORN 1999 

Aquario ’90 (de Ojinaga,Mex) Pasare por Ti 1999

Alice Knight Only in Dreams, MananaLandOne True Home, They Died Soldiers, Jazzy, Love’s Lament, Shades Of Blue, Way Out in the West, Down in Terlingua, KnightTrax IX, Songs from Texas and Environs 1990-2012!

Claude Luke the Great DoodleBug Massacre (cowboy poetry!) 1998

Danny Terry Life’s Just a Ride 1999

Dakota Doc Cowboys Ain’t Supposed to Cry 1999

Roger Cutforth/Ted Arbogast Reflections from a Desert Window 2002

Cowboy Chris Calvin Chris Calvin the Singin’ Cowboy 2002

Patricia Kearns Twisted Road 2003

John Rose John Rose 2003

Chris Muller/Ted Arbogast Torch Tunes 2004

Marina Azar/Betty McGehee Still Waters Over the Marina 2004

Tim Beck Hard on the Grout 2004

Marina Azar All About Me 2004

Beltane Falls Beltane Falls 2005

Ralph Moore  A Few Moore Songs 2005

June Rapp Passage of Dreams 2006

Robyn Campbell Night of Colored Stars  (Romantic Classics) 2006

Machete My Heart Pumps Disaster 2006

Marina Azar Play for Me My Guitar 2006

Hunter Gatherer Mochief 2007

Russ Strutt Big Bender 2007

Los Pinche Gringos Los Pinche Gringos 2008

Joe Pollichio Old Melodies and Distant Memories 2009

Hank Woji There Was A Time 2009

June Rapp  Tea with June 2009

Tim Beck The Ballad of Tater McGullet 2010

The Bent Lovehandles Sacred Order Of The Broken Hearts 2010

Dr. Fun Sanctuary Terlingua 2011

Ray Tarantino You F#cked It Up Again, Wish You Were Here, A Whole Texas to Go 2012

Hank Woji  Holy Ghost Town 2012

Laird Considine Songs from the Wilderness 2013

Alpine Community Orchestra, Marilyne Crill-Dieckert, Dir.  Brahms Meets the Big Bend 2012 (location recording)

Jeff Haislip Peace On Earth 2013

Uh, Clem Uh Clem Live at the Starlight! 2013 (mixed and mastered)

Terlingua Community Musicians  Merry Texas Christmas 2013

Morris Allen Maverick Life 2013

Hank Woji  The Working Life 2014

June Rapp Ocean Notes 2014

Laird Considine Darkness and Lightness 2015

Jeff Haislip Fiesta Protesta! 2015

Two Left Feet (Hello Sanderson!) MultiHundredAires 2015  (in current production)

Call Studio Butte to book your time

Studio Butte!

Consider recording your music in the vast and wild West Texas desert, in a country not quite the U.S. and not quite Mexico. Room to create,  inspiring and relaxed environment.

Rates:  $20/hr.  $140/day,lockout

Ted Arbogast

P O BOX 304

Terlingua,Texas 79852

1-432-371-2263 (h)

1-432-386-0351 (c)

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